Photo: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The overall best hotel in Las Vegas is The Cosmopolitan, according to new research released today by MaxTour, a Las Vegas-based tour company. This study, which ranked the hotels based on their reviews, location, price, and entertainment, also discovered that an under-the-radar hotel is the best 3.5-star and under hotel in Las Vegas: The Carriage House.

“While out leading tours around Las Vegas, many guests have asked our tour guides what the best hotel in Las Vegas is, and we never had a suitable answer for them. During the lockdown our team dug deep into the stats to find an answer to this question, and this study is the result,” said Matthew Meier, MaxTour’s Founder & Director.

Analyzing thousands of data points from the hotels’ location, reviews, price, and entertainment, this comprehensive study completed the ultimate guide to the top Vegas hotels, and discovered hidden gems like the Carriage House dominating the 3.5 star and under category.

Altogether the study lists the best hotels in 3 categories, organized by 4-5 star hotels, and 3.5 star and under hotels.

Best 4-5-Star Hotel: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Best Value for a 4-5-Star Hotel: Treasure Island

Best 4-5-Star Hotel for Partiers: MGM Grand

Best 3.5-Star and Under Hotel: The Carriage House

Best Value for 3.5 Stars and Under: The Carriage House

Best 3.5 Stars and Under Hotel for Partiers: The Flamingo

Infographic credit: MaxTour

The study is the first to include important categories like price and location into the final rankings. It is also the first study to separate the hotels by star rating, helping travelers on a budget find the best hotels for them.

Including these metrics helped under the radar hotels like Carriage House and Tuscany Suites do well.

Poor scores in price and location hurt the Wynn and 4 Season, hotels that have done better in other best hotels in Las Vegas lists.

Read the full study here.